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Climb Clean

Lottery Funded Logo

Project Overview:

Clean clean is a new project, funded by Awards for All, that aims to help recovering drug & alcohol addicts rehabilitate by using climbing as activity therapy. The main focus of the therapy is to engage the individual in physically active endeavours that help to alter the thought processes of the individual in a positive manner.

Climbing as Activity therapy can take place on a one to one basis or be utilised in a group environment by providing participants with something that is both physical and mentally challenging and rewarding. This makes it possible to shift attention away from the aches, pains, and general discomfort caused by substance abuse, depression, or anxiety. The project will develop a range of transferable life skills alongside the therapy that will develop individuals and increase their confidence to manage themselves in the world around them.

Lottery Funded Logo

OnThisROC has worked with a recovered heroine addict through our Crime2Climb project. He has found that climbing provides good physical exercise and a valuable mental focus during recovery and believes that it would make a major impact as an addition to any drug recovery programme. His own experience of recovery has influenced this belief.

Project Structure:

Participants will have a 3hr climbing session each week with experienced instructors from our staff team. The sessions will be not be solid climbing as we are aware this could put a physical strain in individuals. The sessions will be tailored around each persons needs.

The sessions take place on a Monday or Thursday from 12-3pm and run for 35 weeks. The sessions will start the week beginning 21st April 2014.

Clean clean has places to engage 20 recovering drug addicts in activity therapy and provide them with positive physical and mental stimulus. As part of the project participants will have the opportunity to take part in the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (

Ryan achieves NICAS Levels 1,2 & 3

Lads from our Climb Clean project
achieve their NICAS level one


Project Outcomes:

We believe that Climb Clean not only has health benefits for participants but also helps them develop a range of transferable life skills that will provide them with improved life opportunities.

The activity of climbing offers people the chance to develop communication and problem solving skills, team work, patience, perseverance, trust and self control. It also teaches respect and the ability to value others no matter how large or small their contribution. We believe this training will improve participants life skills and opportunities beyond the climbing centre. In addition we can offer participants to the opportunity to move onto our Crime2Climb programme if they want to develop a career in the outdoor industry.

Through Climb Clean participants will discover the benefits of regular healthy activity and how climbing can help both your physical and mental well being. The course will promote healthy lifestyles and encourage participants to continue in this lifestyle in their home, work, community and social lives. We will encourage participants to continue with climbing as a healthy activity by joining their local climbing centre or becoming a member of our climbing club to maintain their progress and recovery beyond the project and their time in a rehab centre.

Making A Referral:

A referral can be made by a rehab centre, housing association, police or other statutory organisation, CIC or Charity working with recovering addicts. The person being referred must be engaged in recovery or post recovery. They can be any age or gender.

An informal meeting will take place with the participant and our instructors prior to starting to make sure the project is the right thing for them.

The Cost:

Thanks to Awards for All 20 places on the project are covered. If more referrals are made then participant fees will be £500 for the 35 weeks. Organisations making a referral are welcome to contribute a part or all of this sum in order to help more participants engage.