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On This Roc – Endorsements

A Climbing Challenge for thebandwithnoname

OnThisROC would like to say a huge thank you to thebandwithnoname for their support. It was great to host Chip’s birthday party and we were glad everyone enjoyed themselves. OnThisROC would like to wish Chip and the whole band all the best for the future.

The following are endorsements from thebandwithnoname on 19th Dec 2009.

Chip Kendall - bandwithnoname

Chip Kendal

“A month ago I went indoor rock climbing for a friend’s birthday.  Throughout the whole day I couldn’t help but pray about how my experience could be shared with others bringing the community together.  From a personal perspective I was helped massively in my youth by sport and people believing in me.  I really believe that this initiative can do the same for many young people like me.”
David Stafford - thebandwithnoname

“A massive thank you to ‘OnThisROC’ for a great time climbing.  Andy was a legend.  We felt safe, well looked after and exhilarated by the adrenaline rush that comes from being 30 meters off the ground – clinging on for dear life.  I highly endorse both Andy and this initiative to serve various people groups in the community.  All I can say is ‘ROC ON!’” Chip Kendall - thebandwithnoname

Rachel Holmes - Innervation Trust

Rachel Holmes

The following endorsement is from the Innervation Trust on 19th Dec 2009.

“Wow! What an awesome time; ‘OnThisROC’ you are an amazing initiative and I had such a great time.  Andy was great fun, very patient and accommodating to all of us – regardless of experience levels.  I would recommend this to anyone.” Rachel Holmes