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Let OTR help you with Fundraising

OTR Mobile Wall
OTR Mobile Wall

In the current financial climate it is becoming increasingly difficult to access grants and generate income for projects. Let OnThisROC help you raise money for your project, school, charity or youth/community group. Here’s how…

The OTR Mt. Kilimanjaro Indoor Climbing Challenge

The Mt. Kilimanjaro challenge is a great way to raise money for your organisation or group and you don’t need to travel to Africa to do it! The way it works is you get a team of people together to climb the 19,454 ft and raise funds through sponsorship. OnThisROC will provide you with sponsor forms, book the climbing centre and provide staff and equipment on the day so that your team can focus on reaching the summit!

Here’s the details:


  • Mt. Kilimanjaro is 19,454 ft / 5,895 m high.
  • The wall in the climbing centre is 12m high.
  • The number of climbs needed to reach the top is 491.
  • A team of 30 people would each climb 17 times.


  • Takes 5-6 hours to complete the challenge.
  • Start around 12pm and finish by 6pm.
  • You can stagger the groups climbing times so people aren’t stood around waiting. 10 people in 2 hour blocks works well for a group of 30.
  • Each person does 3 climbs then takes a break while someone else has a turn.
  • The venue sells tea and coffee and snacks to keep you going.
  • We use Awesome Walls Climbing Centre, Liverpool to host the event.


  • Each participant pays £25 to OnThisROC
    (based on a minimum of 30 participants or minimum fee of £750).
  • Aim to raise at least £100 in sponsorship and make £75 per person for your cause.
  • OTR is not for profit so any money we make goes into climbing projects for disadvantaged young people.

So What Next?

Contact us to ask any questions you may have. Choose at date for you event and check its available. You can download a sponsor form from our site and start collecting sponsors. Please note if you have people under 18 in your group we will need copies of permission for them to climb. This activity is covered under our insurance. A copy of our policy and risk assessment for Awesome Walls is available on this site, click view our policy documents.

Organisations who have completed the challenge:

Bradbury Fields Society for the Blind & Visually Impaired £1,000
Christopher Grange (Catholic Blind Institute) £4,500
Wavertree Cricket Club £2,000
The OnThisROC Team (Mt. Everest Event) £2,500
Woolton Community Group for Comic Relief £2,500
Whiston Hospital £1,000 est
Anthony Walker Foundation (Abseil) £3,400
Positive Futures NCS group £363
Wirral Mencap (Abseil) £922
St Helens Jigsaws £500
Estonian Climbing Federation (Erasmus+) £40,626
Wheelie Big Challenge £5,000
Supporting Daisy Walsh £5,500
Catch 22 NCS group (Age Concern) £900
Total raised to date


Mt. Kilimanjaro NOT BIG ENOUGH???

We can also organise an indoor sponsored climb of Mt. Everest. Please contact us for details on the number of climbs involved etc.

We can also tailor make a climbing event for you organisation/group. Just contact us and let us know what your idea is.


"I would encourage any groups looking for sponsorship to give on this roc a try. A thoroughly enjoyable, challenging experience with fantastic staff."

Paul Deakin Wavertree Cricket Club