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Police Community Activities

OnThisROC receives Merseyside Police Authorities 2012 Community Safety Award for our Crime2Climb project.

Merseyside Police Authorities 2012 Community Safety Award

OTR Police Focus

Belle Vale Police Station Endorsement

We are extremely grateful for this glowing endorsement from
Belle Vale Police Station.
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OTR recognises the importance of building a strong sense community and the positive effect this has on crime and in particular on anti-social behaviour. 

In 2008 a home office minister in the commons said “The Government are putting even greater emphasis on ensuring that when young people engage in antisocial behaviour they receive the right balance of support, challenge and positive activities to help them change their behaviour and fulfil their potential, contribute to communities and avoid getting into further trouble.”  

We aim to work in partnership with community police and youth offending teams to create crime prevention initiatives which seek to divert young people from becoming involved (or further involved) in anti-social behaviour and/or criminal behaviour. OTR can provide activities to facilitate personal development and promote civic responsibility.

What we can offer you

Diversionary Projects

OTR has a history of working with Merseyside Police to provide climbing as an activity to engage young people on ABC’s. The benefits of a diversionary project of this kind include a growth in trust between police and young people as well as social skills and personal achievement. The result is a change in behaviour back in the community.

OTR is happy to work with police developing diversionary projects that fit the young people and communities they are in. The projects can be climbing based but don’t have to be. 

Community Events

PCSO Lawrance Manifold

PCSO Lawrance Manifold helps a community group raise
£2,500 for charity

OTR recently helped a community group raise £2,500 for the Red Nose Day Appeal. This community group included pupils, teachers, parents, local police and faith groups.  They climbed the equivalent of Mt. Kilimanjaro at their local climbing centre. 19,454 ft in five and a half hours!  An event like this may be a way of police bringing a community together. OTR would be happy to discuss ideas and develop events that helped police have a positive impact in their communities.

Youth Offending Team

OTR is happy to partner with the YOT in any way that would assist them in their work. OTR’s activities can be tailored to a specific group or individuals needs. If we can help with social development or responsibility or develop a persons confidence or self esteem please do contact us.

Schools Teams

OTR is aware that Merseyside Police has a huge schools initiative. If we can support this work by providing the police with opportunities to engage with groups from schools please let us know.


Please note that all our prices include instruction and equipment. Any profit from the activities below goes towards the charitable aims of OnThisROC. Thank you for supporting us.

Police Climbing Sessions come under the charitable aims of OnThisROC so please contact us. We can come to an agreement on costs based on your needs.