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Schools Activities

OTR Schools Focus

OTR School Activities


OTR recognises the importance of building a community identity within a school. We also recognise that school communities are often made up of diverse social, ethnic and ability groups. Our schools focus provides a range of opportunities for your school to engage with.  We are open to your ideas and needs and would love to help your school community build a firmer foundation.

What We Can Offer You

NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme)

OTR can offer this scheme to pupils in years 3 –13.  The scheme has five levels and is suitable for those new to climbing as well as experienced climbers. We can take pupils through this scheme as part of PE lessons, after school clubs, pre/post exclusion work or as part of your gifted and talented or SEN programmes. Please take a look at the scheme by following this link:

Pre/Post Exclusion

OTR understands that for various reasons some pupils struggle in school communities. We can offer schools support with pupils who need to find a focus and a sense of achievement. Our pre/post exclusion programme (which will be available online soon) helps pupils with communication skills, relating to others and valuing their own achievements and those of others. It also teaches them about social and personal responsibility.

Teacher Inset

OTR can offer you a teacher inset day with a difference. Enjoy time together with colleagues, be challenged, and work as a team. Contact us for more details.

After School Clubs

OTR School Activities

More fun on the Awesome Walls Climbing Wall!

OTR can offer your school an after school climbing club. These are great places for pupils to interact, make new friends and be challenged. The clubs can be set up to the schools requirements and can be purely social or offer an achievement scheme such as NICAS of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Gifted and Talented & SEN

Whatever ability a pupil may be OTR believes that everyone can have a sense of personal achievement through climbing. We encourage schools with gifted and talented & SEN programmes to involve pupils in NICAS as a way of building confidence, self-esteem and social/life skills.

PTA Fundraising Events

OTR recently helped a community group raise £2,500 for the Red Nose Day Appeal. This community group included pupils, teachers, parents, local police and faith groups. They climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro at their local climbing centre. 19,454 ft in five and a half hours!  Would your school like a unique fundraising experience to help with its ongoing development?


Please note that all our prices include instruction and equipment. Any profit from the activities below goes towards the charitable aims of OnThisROC. Thank you for supporting us.

School Climbing Sessions come under the charitable aims of OnThisROC so please contact us. We can come to an agreement on costs based on your needs.